Week 1, Day 2

Perhaps the hardest day.

It might seem that the weeks, days, and perhaps even the years leading up to making the decision to pursue a new spiritual path were difficult, and they probably were, because if you may well be looking back on time squandered. 

Once you’ve made the decision, though, all things are possible and Day 1, perhaps, left you with a wonderful sense of both accomplishment and anticipation. As it should; you have decided to change your life, to dismiss roads commonly traveled, and to pursue your Path and the life you are meant to live. You have committed to living your life your way and these are steps not everyone is willing to take. Getting even this far is an attainment.

Day 2, however, leaves some with a sense of foreboding because the task you have assigned yourself is immense, so immense it might even seem you are standing at the hill of a great mountain. You are, but it is a mountain that is there to be climbed. Many others have climbed the exact same mountain of personal growth and when you have reached the summit, you may well look back and conclude the summit was there for the taking, that the work you ended up putting in was really no work at all. 

Thought for the Day
The artist must train not only his eye but also his soul.
Wassily Kandinsky
Russian painter

Now, you may or you may not have a particular artistic bent. For the purposes of your journey, it doesn’t matter. However, like an artist approaching a canvas or a piece of clay, you are creating your life. No small amount of thought, planning, and effort go into an artistic work and if we are going to get on in our lives, we can do no less. We are issued a proverbial blank canvas every day and good days are measured

Tao shows us to put good things on our canvas every day. There doesn’t have to be a lot of a good things, and they may not even be great, but each night our canvas must show effort to our desired end.  

We are going to show you how to put something constructive on your canvas every day. When we’ve created a good canvas every day, we’ve had a good week and good weeks equal good months and good years.

What’s important is not so much what we do, but why we are doing it. Our actions must be governed by our inner self. All of us were issued assorted talents at birth and our inner self is telling us how to best utilize and maximize those talents.

For example, every word you read here comes from the heart and we’ve lived every lesson offered here; we don’t waste time training for the Olympic sprint team; writing for you comes from our heart.

Today’s Spiritual Challenge

Think about where you are now and where you want to be in a year. Nothing specific yet; that will come later, but big-picture things, something spiritual, something from your inner being, from your mind and from your heart. For example, is your mind calm, your heart warm, and your soul stirred? If not, would you like them to be? Then set these as your goals today. If there are other emotions, feelings, or conditions you want, make note of them. These are the places you want to be in one year. If you stick with this program, you will be. 

Today’s Questions

Am I ready to be introduced to myself? Am I willing to listen to my inner self? Am I able to maximize my time and my talents? 

Week 1, Day 3
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