Week 1, Day 5

Life on your Path. 

Yesterday we talked about identifying the talents we were born with. This is the first step on your Path, because we can’t maximize our talents unless we know what those talents are. Oftentimes, our talents are anchored in what we go to bed at night dreaming about. Certainly, this was true when we were kids. Virtually all of us went to bed dreaming of what we were going to do as adults and as adults we may well go to bed dreaming of what we still want to do. 

Some chase their dreams of youth and some, perhaps most, did not. It is important, though, to take stock of the dreams you are chasing. Are you chasing dreams that others want you to chase or are spurred by outside influences? If so, you may find catching them empty and unsatisfying, leaving you with an “is that all there is” feeling. If you are chasing dreams attached to the talents you were born with, you will find attainments in them satisfying because you were following your heart’s commands, you are on your Path, maximizing your talents and the life you are meant to live will come to you. 

It is never too late to find your Path. If you find there are still more things to accomplish in this life, this book will give you the impetus to go and do them. If you are new to listening to your inner self, this book will help you hear its voice. No matter what talents we were born with, we can always go and maximize them. 

Thought for the Day
As one thinketh in heart, so is he.
King David

As we noted earlier, to an astonishing degree we tend to get out of life what we expect to get out of life and we certainly get what we’ve earned: those that find and follow their Path find the life they are meant to live waiting for them; those that ignore their callings are often looking back at time squandered.  

What does your heart tell you about yourself? Where is it commanding you to go? Those on their Path listen to their heart and go where it is commanding them. When we know where are supposed to go in our life, when we are thinking with our heart, we have achieved wisdom.

Week 1, Day 6