Week 1, Day 1

In the beginning.

Your quest for you starts right now. So does your commitment to making your time serve you. So does finding the vision for the life you are meant to lead.

Whether you are joining us on January 1, the first day of some other new year, a solstice or an equinox, or any of the other days of the year is not important: today is your Day 1. 

Congratulations are in order because few ever get this far. Most are content to be part of the herd, to merely exist, to take roads commonly traveled. They spend their time reacting to outside influences and fitting into the slots others have assigned them.

Some tell themselves their inner quest will start tomorrow, however, tomorrow does not always come. 

For you, however, tomorrow has arrived. You have chosen to start your quest today, chosen to live and not merely exist, chosen to follow The Way. Today you have announced to yourself and the world that you are going maximize your time and your talents, that you are going to find and follow your Path, that your time is going to serve you, and that you are refusing to serve time while on this planet. 

This journey is both easy and hard. Easy, because you will find yourself doing things you enjoy and have a knack for. Hard, because you must do them every day. There is no middle ground; either we are living the life we are meant to live or we are not.

Thought for the Day
There are two types of people in this world: those who get on in this life and those who do not; those who look back on time well spent and those whose hearts are heavy with regret.
G Marxx
Tao Power: The Ancient Way In Modern Life. 

To an extent that surprises some, us humans tend to get out of this life what we expect to get out of it. Those who have a positive attitude and expect good things generally get good things while those with pessimistic attitudes generally get the negative results they were expecting and, perhaps, wanted.

Consider this: you cannot climb Mount Everest without first leaving the Gobi Desert. Today we take the first steps out of the desert and towards the summit. 

Today, at the start, all may seem to be confusion. You are committing to a spiritual discipline that you probably know little about and that originated in a foreign country. You may be so far removed from what you should be doing with your life that the life you are meant to live is seemingly unobtainable.

Nothing is further from the truth. The more in tune with your inner self you become the sooner you find your Path and soon enough you will settle for nothing less than the life you were put on this planet to lead. 

It all starts here, the first day of the program, the day where the foundation is laid, the day where the commitment to getting the most out of your life begins. 

Spiritual Challenge

Today’s spiritual challenge is to enjoy the feeling that comes with having made the decision to change your life. There are 364 more days to go, 364 more days of challenges and challenges met. We will leave those for tomorrow. Today you made the decision to reach your summits, a decision few others dare to make. Hard earned and well done. Enjoying it today is challenge enough. 

Today’s Question

Am I happy with what I’ve done today? Am I satisfied with having chosen a spiritual quest, to follow The Way and find my Path? Am I ready to give up the slots others want me to fit into and to live my life my way? 

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